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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Posted by Zaria Anders on
5 Incredible Health Benefits of Roller Skating

When you find yourself looking for a hobby which can be both fun and exciting and at the same time will keep you healthy, why not try roller skating? Activities like going to the gym, running, swimming and cycling are becoming too ‘mainstream’ lately. Why not try something new?

Roller skating is one the most classic and unique activities ever invented.

Let’s look back to where it has started. The first ever patented skate invention was in 1760 by John Joseph Merlin. He has created a primitive inline skate with small metal wheels.

Up until today, many people are still into skating. There are so many reasons why roller skating is a must-try sport. And since everyone seems to be becoming more health conscious nowadays, here are five health benefits you can get from roller skating.

  1. Roller skating burns plenty of calories.

Many people decide to become health conscious because they are concerned with their weight. Burning calories can be one of the major factors in losing weight.

It doesn’t matter if you roller skate indoors or outdoors. On average, a half an hour roller skating session is going to burn 200 Calories. Can you imagine how much calories you’ll be able to burn within a week’s worth of roller skating? Not bad, right?

  1. It can provide relief to joint pain.

Compared to other sports that put on more stress to your joints, roller skating improves the flexibility of your joints and relieves any pain you have within your joints.

  1. Roller skating improves your balance very well.

Not everyone has innate balance. Balance affects your daily life: from walking to sitting. A good balance will also reduce fatigue. While skating you are developing your core to be steady while trying to remain upright.

  1. It increases your body’s endurance.

Another great benefit of roller skating is an improved endurance in body particularly in the muscles. You’ll definitely notice it once you got really into skating. Your fitness and endurance levels are significantly different before you ever tried skating.

  1. It can boost your mood, making you happier.

All the time you spent practicing, allows you to forget about stress. While you are having a great time, you tend to be much happier.

What do you think? Tired of the usual ways to stay fit? Get out of your comfort zone and start skating!

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