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5 Fun Exercises for Kids

Posted by Zaria Anders on
5 Fun Exercises for Kids

Exercise is very essential in leading a healthy life. Those kids who are more active are more likely to have stronger bones and muscles, less risks of becoming overweight and more positive outlook in life. It is recommended for kids and teenagers to have at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

How do we do help our kids to be physically active?

  • Come up of activities that are age-appropriate for them to fully appreciate active play.
  • See to it that active play is part of their routines. Kids will more easily embrace being physically active when it is actually part of their daily lives.
  • Encourage the whole family to be active. After all, it’s not just the kids who need to stay healthy.

It is best to expose children to worthwhile physical activities. Aside from keeping them healthy, doing these with children can also create bonding moments with them. Here are 5 fun ways to get your kids started.

  1. Running

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to exercise is probably running. It is the simplest form of exercise. There are plenty of games to think of that involves running.

  1. Rollerskating

Rollerskating is one of the best family sports. Just make sure to get your kids properly geared. It provides a complete aerobic workout and it will definitely improve balance and coordination. Compared to running, rollerskating is generally safer on the joints.

  1. Trampolining

Jumping on a trampoline is a quick way to relieve stress. It is a very fun activity that kids won’t feel that they are exercising at all. This is definitely a must-try.

  1. Swimming

Swimming can’t be excluded in this list because it is an effective workout for the whole body. It is a challenging and exciting sport. It spurs the competitiveness among kids to master different strokes.

  1. Biking

Children will definitely like cycling. It’s fast to get around and it gives them a sense of freedom. Cycling relieves stress from children. It is a great way to create family bonding.

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